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Easy Group was Invited to RABA Industry Forum of the University of Toronto's Rotman Business School

On the evening of October 28, an industry forum hosted by The Rotman Asian Business Association was held at the Rotman Business School of the University of Toronto. Easy Group CPO Kevin Wu was invited to participate in the Tech / Startup / Venture sub-forum as a representative of Startup companies.

Kevin Wu shared Easy's entrepreneurial path. When asked about the key factors of Easy's success, Kevin said that it is important not to forget the original intention and the diversity of the team. After two to four times the annual growth, the company has grown rapidly. Kevin has more management responsibilities, but he still maintains about 20 hours of teaching time per week to stay with the original purpose of education. The diversity of the team allows everyone to learn from each other, helping the company's long-term development.

Regarding how to promote strengths and avoid weaknesses in North America as a minority, all guests agreed not to be fettered by the identity of "minority", but to focus on developing their core competitiveness while using their in-depth understanding of minorities. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of being a minority. For example, Easy Group used its in-depth understanding of Chinese international students to develop a full-value chain business system including North American university applications, university education tutoring, employment and advanced education solutions with international students as its target. This is a case of turning your characteristics into a competitive advantage.

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