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Easy Group CEO and Easy Edu Vancouver Operation Principal were invited to the first UBC China Summit

November 16th and 17th, 2019 to November , Mr. Yuwei Zhang, CEO of EasyGroup, and Mr. Haoran Li, principal of Easy Education Vancouver, were fortunate to be invited by UBC China Business Corporation to attend the first UBC China Summit.

At the summit, a number of business seniors from various fields in China and Canada shared and discussed current cutting-edge topics on financial venture capital, corporate employment, young entrepreneurship and social responsibility, scientific and technological life, and media and entertainment. In the young entrepreneurial section, Mr. Yuwei Zhang discussed with many young entrepreneurs and shared his thoughts on young entrepreneurship and social responsibility. The summit lasted for two days and attracted the participation of nearly 1,000 students from UBC. Easy Group warmly congratulated the success of the UBC China Summit, and also looks forward to the future UBC China Business Association to provide more exchange opportunities for young students from China and Canada.

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