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Easy Education Appoints Chief Integrity Officer, Raising the Bar on Academic Standards

Education group in process of setting up Academic Integrity Committee

TORONTO, July 13, 2020: EasyEducation, a leadingeducation group with a mission to empower university students to excel,is committed to maintaining the highest academic and ethical standards. With this goal in mind,significant changes have recently made to the company’s internal operationsto ensure that these standards are upheld by staff and students alike at all times.  

With the transition to online classrooms and learning as a result of COVID-19, universities have seen a significant increase in cases of academic misconduct. Easy Education is committed to working closely with its university partners to ensure that online methods of instruction and testing remain viable, but never at the cost of academic integrity.

As part of the solution to this issue, Easy Education has recently implemented a number of new measures to ensure that its students and teachers uphold the highest standards of academic integrity. These measures include the appointment of a Chief Integrity Officer, the formation of an Academic Integrity Committee, and the publication of a new Code of Conduct, as well as the creation of lectures on academic integrity for new students to ensure they are fully versed in the expectations of the North American university system.

Easy Education has appointed Mr. Dongyu Mao as its Chief Integrity Officer (CIO) who will lead the new Academic Integrity Committee (“the Committee” ). Mr. Mao will work closely with management to enforce the company’s ethics and Code of Conduct in every aspect of company operations, as well as implementing Integrity Ethics & Compliance Training with the company’s HR department. The Committee will consist of representatives from the company’s Management, HR, Finance, Sales and Marketing teams. The appointment of Committee members is currently underway and will be finalized in the coming weeks.

Gary Kang, Chief Executive Officer of Easy Education, stated, “I’m pleased to announce these significant organizational updates that will serve our students with long-term benefits and align our company for sustainable growth into the future. With a vast knowledge of our company and compliance, Mr. Dongyu Mao is well equipped to assume the role of CIO, serving on the quality control team and overseeing our teacher training program. Mr. Mao will work closely with management to maintain a good corporate culture and ensure these values are instilled in all employees and students.”

Easy Education has also established a comprehensive new Code of Conduct which explicitly and unequivocally defines the rigorous and exacting standards of academic integrity our teachers and students are required to acknowledge, understand and adhere to in all their academic endeavors. Both students and teachers must adhere to academic and professional standards enshrined in this company-wide code, which prohibit engaging in any kind of action that would constitute plagiarism, cheating, dishonesty, or any other behavior in violation of the rules and regulations of both Easy Education and the university at which the student is enrolled.

“We believe our new Code of Conduct clearly demonstrates why we take academic integrity so seriously,” said Easy Education CEO Gary Kang.  “In our efforts to demand the highest standards, every one of our students and teachers is required to adhere to the policies set out within the Code.”

The new Code of Conduct sets out new policies to ensure that students are, first and foremost, aware that they are subject to, and consistently compliant with, the codes of conduct and ethics of their respective postsecondary institutions. Easy Education will endeavor to uphold these codes of conduct and provide additional support at the request of the institution. Accordingly, Easy Education has provided its Board of Directors with the right to immediately terminate any student or teacher deemed in violation of this Code. 

“We have always applied zero tolerance to students who cheat. These changes have simply provided a very clear and detailed public standard for our students and teachers to reference and abide by,” said Kang. “It is absolutely vital that we work in tandem with our university partners to ensure that the highest academic standardsare maintained.”

In an effort to further instill the values of academic integrity, Easy Education will be offering lectures on the topic for new students. These lectures will be included as a part of a series of free lectures for newcomers that Easy Education organizes each summer to prepare incoming students for university life. Past experience has proven that students are eager to enroll in this lecture series as it is a way for them to learn more about Canadian university life, and begin to acclimatize to this new culture and environment as they prepare for their first years as students at a Canadian university.

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EasyEducation, a leadingeducation group with a mission to empower university students to excel.Since 2014, Easy Education has been committed to providing high-quality education services and social growth opportunities for university students in Canada, and assisting them in their adaptation to university life. Serving 12 campuses across Canada, Easy Education is the country’s leading institution for university student education services, offering over 300 courses including economics, finance, accounting, mathematics, statistics, computer science, and engineering. To learn more, visit Easy Education online at easygroup.ca.

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