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Canadian Education Pioneer Easy Group wins Tencent Influential Education Award

Canadian Education Pioneer Easy Group wins Tencent Influential Education Award and ranks among the top international education brands in 2019

Recently, Tencent Education released the 2019 list of well-known International Education brands. Canadian International Education Pioneer Easy Group has been successfully listed. This is after Yuwei Zhang and co-founder Haozhe Li were selected in the Forbes China 30 Under 30 list in 2018 and 2019, and were selected in the "Hurun China Under 30s To Watch 2019" list. Easy Group once again won the honor in the international education field, and continued to write its own glory on a new chapter.

In the wave of education globalization, be a pioneer in the integration of studying abroad

As early as 1983, Deng Xiaoping pointed out the direction for China's education: "Education should be modern, world-oriented, and future-oriented." Today, under the background of economic globalization and trade liberalization, many countries fully utilize both domestic and international education markets, optimize the allocation of domestic education resources and elements, seize the opportunities, and cultivate high-quality talents that are internationally competitive. In this wave of education globalization, Easy Group has explored a successful way of "integration of studying abroad".

Easy Group was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2013. With overseas students as the center, it built a comprehensive professional service system such as study abroad planning, international university tutoring and counseling, employment and advanced education solutions to help overseas students to gain academic and career success. In October 2018, Zixun Education, the first education institution in China of Easy Group, was established in Hefei. In June 2019, Easy Path, Easy Group's second education and training base in China was officially established in Shanghai. Easy Path was co-founded by Zixun Education and Panopath, a social media which introduces American universities to American Chinese international students. From cultivation overseas to domestic distribution, Easy Group has become a one-stop study service organization with industrial chains across Canada, China and the United States.

With a full-cycle business model, broad networks in Canada, China, and the United States, comprehensive teaching and research capabilities, and global elite mentor resources, Easy Group has undoubtedly become the most influential and fastest-growing international tutoring leader, and the strong market performance is proof: Easy Group achieved a 400% annual increase in turnover from 2014 to 2016, achieved 100 million yuan revenue in 2019, the company has a valuation of hundreds of millions yuan. The number of students served has exceeded 100,000, the number of participants in online courses exceeded 170,000, and the total number of followers of WeChat public account exceeded 300,000. At present, Easy Group has opened nearly 300 North American college courses in economics, finance, accounting, mathematics, statistics, computer science, life sciences, and engineering. Most of the tutor teams come from Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Cambridge, Stanford. , MIT, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, and other world-renowned universities providing professional and comprehensive assistance for overseas university applications, study consultation, and career development.

Online Technology empowering

In the belief of Easy Group, the core of education is that teachers effectively transfer knowledge to students through different media. After receiving the knowledge, students can strengthen learning, deepen their understanding in various ways, and finally master the entire knowledge system. Traditional education relies on a large amount of education manpower and transfers knowledge face to face. Standardized paper resources such as handouts and exercise-books provide opportunities for students to practice and test.

With the advancement of science and technology, teaching and learning have undergone tremendous changes. Easy Group embraces this era of evolution with forward-looking vision and innovative spirit, and actively empowers education through technology. With the ability of Internet technology, Easy Group effectively reduces the teachers’ pressure, optimizes the students' class experience, and provides each student with customized teaching goals, content and feedback. The courseware, notes, exercises, and course playback on the teaching management platform can all be accessed at any time through mobile devices. Through the online integrated platform of teaching, training and testing, plus the online question answering service, it ensures that students can access teaching resources and get help anytime, anywhere.

Meanwhile, Easy Group also empowers course quality management through technical means. Its quality control system continuously monitors the instructors’ teaching quality, provides timely feedback, and issues course evaluation reports. According to the feedback report, product quality is improved continuously and the best quality educational resources are delivered to each student.

In 2019, Yuwei Zhang and his co-founder Haozhe Li was selected in the Forbes China 30Under30 and Hurun China Under 30s to Watch List; Easy Group was awarded Tencent's Annual International Education Brand of the Year. Yuwei Zhang and Easy Group in 2019 are full of achievements. Yuwei Zhang said, "With the continuous upgrading of its global development strategy and the in-depth application of Internet technology, Easy Group will continue to improve the full-cycle service system for overseas learning and professional development, and provide international tutoring for more students. While helping international students succeed in studying abroad and career development, we would also make contributions to international education resource sharing and international cultural exchange. "

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