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Study Abroad

EasyPath and ZiXun Education aim to help students in preparing and applying for post-secondary education in North America. With professionals from institutions like Harvard, Yale and Stanford, we give students the tools they need to suceed in university or college admissions.


EasyEdu is one of the largest and most influential education companies in Canada. Headquartered in Toronto, Easy Group has established a thorough network of classes and mentors across Canada and the United States to help students overcome the obstacles of over-seas studies.


EasyCareer has been a pioneer in career development and professional mentorship for student of any dicipline. We use a unique algorithm to match our students with industry experts who help guide them towards the career path of their dreams.

HiOffer has consultants from over 50 top insitituions, which provide personalized grad school application and counseling services. We help students navigate standardized exams, required materials, and beyond in order to reach their goals.


WeCare offers a wide array of hospitality and overseas studies integrative services to international students in North America. We can help with everything from housing, to immigration services, to transportation needs. Our goal is to make student feel at home, even in a new continent.

EasyFitness is one of Toronto’s leading health and wellness clubs. Looking to break a sweat? Our professional team of Muay Thai Champions, Taekwondo Black Belts, Occupational Therapist and Dietitians help you with all of your fitness and health needs.