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Investigation Clears Easy Group/Easy EDU of Any Involvement in “Student Cheating Scheme”
TORONTO, June 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A comprehensive internal investigation launched by Easy Group Inc. has found that the company had no involvement and was not responsible for any cheating that took place at the University of Alberta. In reaction to a story published by several national news outlets in March 2020, where an unnamed University of Alberta spokesperson claimed that a letter to computing science students stating that Easy EDU, a division of Easy Group Inc., had been assisting students in cheating “appeared to be legitimate”, Easy Group immediately launched its own investigation and reached out to the University.

The story reported that 40 students had been caught cheating in the CMPUT174 and 175 lab assignments. Easy Group’s internal investigation, aimed at comparing facts versus rumours, found that 35 of those students facing sanctions by the University were never students of Easy EDU and while the other 5 were indeed students of Easy EDU, the violations for which they were penalized had no relation to any services offered by the company’s curriculum.

On the morning of September 29, 2020, Easy EDU Director of Academics, Dongyu Mao met with the Director of Student Conduct at the University of Alberta, after which their department followed up with an email stating, “It is good to know that we are on the same page with our commitments to academic integrity!”.

Further clarification that this matter has been resolved came when The Justin Poy Agency, the communications agency representing Easy Group Inc., was asked to confirm that no further action needed to be taken. “When we spoke to the University of Alberta representative on June 22, 2021, it was made clear that there was no official involvement with the University of Alberta with respects to this incident and that the matter had been put behind them,” states the agency’s President. 

“We are on the same side”, expressed Mao, when reaffirming Easy EDU’s position and approach to education. This incident has further reinforced Easy Group’s (and Easy EDU’s) commitment to excellence and integrity and to working closely with all universities where Easy has services, to continuously monitor protocols and procedures to achieve the highest level of educational supplementation.

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