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Easy Path/Zixun Edu 

In June 2019, Zixun Edu, a brand of Easy Group, along with Panopath, a social media platform servicing international students in the US, has co-founded Easypath in Shanghai.  


Co-founded by Easy Group Inc., Zixun Edu, and Panopath Education and Technology in June 2019, Easypath is based in Shanghai, China, and is a company that integrates both sides’ resources and serves a wider community with in-depth knowledge and accurate measures. The mission of Easypath is to better serve the international student market in North America, through exclusively customized plans for university applications.


As to serve a wider community, Easypath has invited experienced professionals from more than 100 world-class institutions, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Penn, and elites from diversified fields and careers, to assist students in acquiring a comprehensive understanding of overseas study and identifying their interests.


To serve with in-depth knowledge, by analyzing the admission statistics of the TOP30 universities in North America and the students’ profile, the Data Analysis and Essay Development departments of Easypath will evaluate the compatibility of the student and the institution.


To provide customers with accurate and reliable solutions, instead of  “assembly-line style” applications, we offer customized and detailed plans and thoroughly exploit students’ potentials. Full-time experts that graduated from TOP100 universities offer more professional and thoughtful throughout the application process.


We have gone through the same studying abroad journey as you, and thus Easypath is your best companion!


Educational Counseling

Easy Education is one of the largest and influential education companies in Canada. Headquartered in Toronto, Easy Group has established a network across Canada. We’ve established campuses in Vancouver, Ottawa, Mississauga, Scarborough, Edmonton, Waterloo, Hamilton, and London. Within this network, we integrate resources and standardize services across different campuses. As for the number of students, there are over 100,000 at our campuses, and online students number has reached 170,000. Moreover, our official social media channels have over 170,000 followers. Easy Education offers over 300 courses including economics, finance, accounting, mathematics, statistics, computer science, life science and engineering, etc. Our experienced and caring instructors and staff support our students to overcome from languages, academics, and culture. We empower our students to achieve excellence at universities.


Emplyment Proposal

Easy Career pioneers career counselling and personal development for university students. We use a unique assessment tool to match our students with mentors who have strong experience across industries. Students enjoy personalized career counselling and planning services with opportunities for internship or full-time jobs at top-tier companies. Student could get access to Financial, Investment, Insurance, Consulting, Technology, Data Analysis, Medicine and many other professional areas. Students could participant in 1-on-1, small groups, or online courses to connect with university students or elites across the world.


HiOffer is a grad school application organization with personalized counseling services. Our consultants received education from top-tier universities across the world, such as Yale, Cornell, Cambridge University, London Political and Economics, University of Toronto, University of Melbourne. We help students from a wide range of programs such as Economics, Sciences, Social Sciences, etc. Our students will receive high quality and customized advice and support for standardized exams, required materials, and beyond.  


Related Services

We Care is a center of international student services powered by EasyGroup. We guarantee that our students would enjoy convenient, comprehensive, and caring services that make their life easier overseas. Major services include housing, immigration services, and daily services. Students could easily get help with housing, moving, visa application, immigration services, tax, transportation, etc. 


Easy Fitness is the most professional and personalized health management company in Toronto. As a fitness and boxing center, we care a lot about local people’s health and dedicate ourselves to promoting healthy lifestyle. We use a unique combination of Eastern and Western healthy lifestyle to integrate different resources to bring high quality workout experience to our customers. Our team are professional sports players, Muay Thai Champion, Taekwondo Black Belt, Fencing Champion, Occupational Therapist, Canadian Registered Dietitian

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