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Founded in Toronto in 2013, Easy Group Inc. has established a complete ecosystem centered on overseas student’s academic and social life. Our system consists of services such as school consultation, academic training, career and graduate development, tax and immigration, and student life etc.  Powered by our transformational model, we’ve spread our business across Canada, China and the United States. We’re proud to say that Easy Group has become one of the fastest growing and most influential companies in the field of international education.

Comprehensive Ecosystem

Here for every steps of your journey

Easy Group has established a comprehensive ecosystem by combining international education consultation, tax and immigration services, academic training and career development. Centered around the millions of students studying abroad, and proudly helping them thrive.


User experience is our measure of success; Professionalism is our faith; 

Striking balance between adherence of guidelines and result-oriented pragmatism; 

Embracing and engaging innovation; Developing an elite team with a heart; 

Speak well, listen well; A sense of duty.

“Our Achievements: Vibrant growth, fruitful results

Easy Group has consecutively achieved a 400% growth each year from 2014 to 2016. This considerable increase is attributed our extraordinary team with strong research and instructional capabilities,  who keenly dedicated themselves to perfection and student-satisfaction.  In 2018, we’ve achieved  $50 million revenue and our firm valuation exceeding $1 billion. As for the number of students, there are over 100,000 at our campuses, and online students number has reached 170,000. Moreover, our official social media channels have over 300,000 followers. 

Currently, Easy Group offers over 300 courses including economics, finance, accounting, mathematics, statistics, computer science, life science and engineering, etc. Most of our instructors graduated from Top universities such as Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Oxford, Stanford, MIT, University of Toronto, and Waterloo University. They provide students with comprehensive assistance in school consultation, tutoring, test prep, career development, etc. As for fund-raising, Easy Group has completed the pre-A round 10-million financing in early 2018, and has obtained the A-round funding of 6 million USD in September 2019.

Powerful Internet,

Boundless Resources”

At Easy Group, we’ve provided online courses and information to ensure student academic success. We’ve built channels to promote collaboration between Chinese and western education. We’ve helped tens of thousands of students overcome language and cultural barriers, thrive academically, and professionally during their overseas experience.

"Global Network, Timely Services"

Headquartered in Toronto, Easy Group has established a network across Canada. We’ve established campuses in Vancouver, Ottawa, Mississauga, Scarborough, Edmonton, Waterloo, Hamilton, and London. Within this network, we integrate resources and standardize services across different campuses. Extending to the Chinese market in October 2018, we founded our first Chinese subdivision in Hefei, China. In June 2019, Zixun Edu, an affiliated brand of Easy Group, along with Panopath, a social media platform servicing international students in the US, has co-established Easypath in Shanghai. It became Easy Group’s second branch in China. From expanding in Canada to exploring Chinese market, Easy Group has become a center of international education across Canada, China, and the United States.


Entrepreneurial Spirit and Care

Jacky Zhang

1990年出生, 2014年以学院第一名的成绩毕业于多伦多大学罗特曼商学院,金融经济学以及管理学双专业。2013年创办Easy Education易途教育,为留学生提供大学教育辅导,现为易维教育集团(Easy Group)创始人, CEO。




多伦多大学Gold Medalist 金牌获得者
2018 福布斯中国 30 Under 30 30岁以下精英榜单
2018 宾夕法尼亚大学沃顿商学院教育论坛 特邀演讲嘉宾





​Steven Li

李浩哲,1993年出生,易维教育科技集团(Easy Group)联合创始人,集团首席战略官CSO,易维集团旗下品牌孜循Edu及Easy Path项目负责人,毕业于加拿大多伦多大学金融经济专业,曾就职腾讯战略投资部担任分析师。



17岁开始赴加拿大留学,高中就读温哥华格兰伊高中 (Gleneagle Secondary School),毕业后进入加拿大多伦多大学金融经济专业就读,于2017年5月毕业。





2019年9月27日,易维教育联合创始人李浩哲荣登《2019胡润Under30s创业领袖》(Hurun China Under 30s To Watch 2019);


2019年10月17日,易维教育联合创始人李浩哲李浩哲荣登福布斯中国30岁以下精英榜(30 Under 30)


Entrepreneurial Spirit and Care

An Accomplished Journey


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